Talking Heads

Putting a Face To Some Words

This is both the shortest and the potentially the longest column so far.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been interviewed quite a few times for churches, for radio or a YouTube channel, normally about The Bible and comedy. If you’ve had enough of Netflix for an evening (although I do recommend a series called Movies that Made Us, especially the episode about Die Hard), you might be interested in seeing some of those videos.

If so, have a look at this playlist where you can see me chat to a lovely but slightly bemused American fellow called Joe Watkins, or watch a shorter chat over at Transworld Radio.

There’s a longer video when I answer the question Is Christianity Absurd? for a Church in Cambridge, but there’s also a few minutes on Why Christians are so hung up on bad language over at Premier. And then a longer interview on What’s So Funny About Easter?

To see the whole Youtube playlist, click here.

And watch The Sacred Art of Joking episodes here.

Oh, and I made a bunch of short videos suitable for young teens about John’s Gospel that you can see here.